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HDPI support on Windows?



I’m wondering: do you plan on supporting HDPI screens on Windows?

I’m trying it on my Full-HD, 15 inch laptop screen (which requires 125% DPI setting, minimum), and it’s pretty blurry.
Not good for a visual design tool.

Only alternative is to turn scaling off, in which case the controls becomes tiny. Neither option is great.



Hi Atli, sorry for the trouble here. We’ve made some improvements in this area, but still have a way to go. In order to really fix this, we need to have the app be vector based, which is something that we are working on. It’s part of our rewrite to have a native app on the platforms we support. No ETA on that yet, as it’s a huge project for our small team.

The flip side of this is that we are intentionally not a visual design tool. :slight_smile: By that, I mean that our tool is not meant for doing visual design. Our goal is to be similar to grabbing a marker and sketching on a whiteboard or paper. It’s supposed to be quick and dirty, so that you can pound out a few different options, and then throw away what doesn’t work. Because of this philosophy, our priorities focus more on helping people to get in and use it quickly over making it polished. However, we’ve been getting more and more polished, so don’t lose complete hope!



would it at least be possible to configure the runtime in a way that prevents the horribly blurry appearance?

Can we expect progress anytime soon?




Hi @Harald_Niesche,

Sorry for the hassle with this.

Are you using Windows 10 by any chance?
A user reported a similar issue a while ago and shared a fix he found for it here.

Please let us know if that doesn’t help, we’re here to help! :slightly_smiling: