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Heads up on Mac OS Monterey

I would guess Balsamiq is aware of this but be careful if you are considering trying the Mac OS Monterey Beta. On my Mac, Balsamiq Wireframes (4.2.6) crashes on first load and load of any project.

Just to be clear, I don’t expect apps to work in the beta. So, I’m not saying anything about Balsamiq.

I just wanted people to be aware in case they were researching the apps they need and wondering if Wireframes worked under Monterey.


Hi @Josh_Mann and thanks a lot for letting others know.

We still have some time before they release the official version but that’s good to know. I’m passing the information to our dev team so that they can take a look.

Thanks again!

Thanks, Josh!

I booted up Wireframes on Monterey when the public beta went live, but didn’t have any issues. I didn’t try opening a previously created project, however, so I will give that a try when I boot back over to it this afternoon.

If you have time, would you mind opening a terminal window and typing defaults delete com.balsamiq.wireframes and seeing if that allows the app to load properly? I’m wondering if a config file got gummed up during the upgrade.


Sorry for the late reply. I had been working on Balsamiq on my laptop which has a non-beta version of Mac OS and hadn’t checked in.

Anyhow, your terminal command worked like a champ. That enabled the app to open on Monterey and then I was able to load a project.

I really appreciate it.


Oops. Spoke too soon. It did crash again. I’ll send the full crash report.

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I’m seeing it on Beta 3, Josh. We will make sure it’s fixed before Monterey ships.

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Thanks Brendan. Glad you are seeing it too and appreciate Balsamiq working to fix it by launch.



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I’m having a similar problem when launching the app
I am using the latest OS Monterey. I try to run defaults delete com.balsamiq.wireframes command line but it doesn’t seem to work properly

Sorry for the trouble and thanks for the report, @Lu_Dante.

I’ve just replied to your email, we’ll get it fixed before the official release!

@Josh_Mann I’m not longer seeing crashes. Can you confirm that they have cleared up for you too?

Hi Brendan-

I was about to reply that I was still getting the error. Then I realized I was still on Beta 4 (Rookie mistake). I upgraded to Beta 5 of Monterey and your are spot on. It is now working as expected. I can create a new mockup, open an existing mockup, and export to PNG (my standard flow).

So, it is working for me as hoped on Balsamiq 4.2.7. Thanks for all your work on this!



Let’s both keep an eye on it. It seems weird that it would just work after not working for 4 betas.

Especially since I’m on the public beta, which is still beta 4, and it’s working fine.

Something is afoot…

Agreed. Microsoft Remote Desktop also magically started working again under Beta 5. So, maybe there is something that Apple broke initially and then put back into place.

I’ll let you know if I see anything strange.

Thanks again for the help!

just bought 4.4.1 and its crash on Monterey, anyone have similar problem?

Hi Kamal-

I was the original person who was having problems on the Monterey Beta. It seems Apple had broken something and then fixed it a couple of betas later, as a bunch of apps started working (including Balsamiq).

I am on Monterey 12.0.1 with Balsamiq Wireframes 4.4.1 on an M1 and I am not having any trouble.

Wish I could be of more help.

Yeah its weird, it stopped before it can do anything. There is no log files in the library