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Help! 1st time Bootstrapping (Balsamiq &/or MyBalsamiq), "mockups to go"?


Hi, I’m trying to Bootstrap-- design a mobile responsive site-- couple of questions:

  1. Do I have to do 4 different sizes for EVERY page? Or is there a way to have a Bootstrap background, and then when I resize the window (or click on something? or look at it on my phone?) it will resize accordingly?? (I’m just starting a new project, so could do it in Mockups 3 OR MyBalsamiq, or even Mockups 3 for Google drive… though I’m already pretty familiar with MyBalsamiq…)

  2. I tried searching the HELP section for BOOTSTRAP: when I click on any of the links under “From Mockups to go” (also labelled as “MyBalsamiq”), i can view some pages, but I can’t actually use any of these-- if I try to “LOG IN”, I am told that my username/password are incorrect. (Even though I am simultaneously successfully logged in to MyBalsamiq, no problem…). Is “Mockups to go” different from MyBalsamiq?


Hi @Eliza_Slavet,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

  1. You will have to manually do 4 different sizes indeed. I believe some Bootstrap templates would help? You can grab a bootstrap template zip file for mockups here:

  2. Mockups To Go is a free user-contributed collection of ready-to-use UI controls and design pattern libraries. You can actually use it in either Mockups 3 for desktop or in myBalsamiq, here are the related informations on how to use it:

Hope this will be useful! Please let us if you need any further information, we’re here to help! :smile: