HELP! My 6 mockup project disappeared

I have balsamiq for mac. I created 6 pages and had them linked together to run a demo for a client. I hit save many times during the process. I showed it to the client and he wanted his boss to see it the next day. I “slept” my mac, got home, did some work (not on the mockup), came back to their office the next day. Started Balsamiq and the entire project was missing. I can’t find it anywhere and it’s not in recent projects. It’s as if it never existed! Please tell me I can use some sort of search for file type or something to find it!

Ack, I’m sorry about that @billpennock!

Let’s check to see if there is a backup in Mockups’ backup folder.

To get there, check out this FAQ. Make sure to check both the LocalProjects and UnsavedProjects folders.

Let me know if your project is in there.

I opened the backup folder according to the FAQ and nothing. But I looked at the file location and decided to go back up the tree and see if there were any other instances. That revealed another subfolder that had a newish date. I navigated down that structure and found a bmpr file that was the project. Then I thought, what if I have two versions of balsamiq on the computer accidentally. I’ve been a licensee for a LONG time and perhaps an older version was still on here. Low and behold that was it. Here’s the funny part. I only use Balsamiq occasionally but it’s very valuable when I do. So I type in Balsa… in the mac spotlight and as soon as it matches I hit enter and open it. For the entire time I was working on the project and for the first demo it opened Balsamiq Mockups 3 but I wasn’t really paying attention because I thought I only had one version on here. Then when I went to make the second presentation for whatever reason it opened the earlier version. They are enough alike that I didn’t notice enough difference to think about it. I just knew I couldn’t find my file suddenly.
One thing that would have helped alot if it was easy to get to the list of balsamiq file extensions. I have since found it but when I went looking all I found was the .bmml which is what I searched for. Anyway, thanks. the answer you gave me got me the clue I needed to get my work back and save me 4 to 5 hours of time redoing it.
Oh, how easy is it to get the old version off my mac?

That’s a relief, Bill. I’m sorry about the version confusion there.

Mockups 3 project files are .bmpr. We changed them between Mockups 2 and 3 because they contain all the elements of your projects now, not just a single mockup.

On OS X, you can just drag the old Mockups app to the trash - that will take care of it. Make sure this is the icon that you trash:

On Windows, you can go to Control Panel > Programs and uninstall it from there. Here is a Microsoft FAQ to help with that.

Sorry again for the confusion here. I’m glad that everything worked out ok in the end :slight_smile:

me too and VERY thank you for the quick response!!!

Oh and I like that the mockups are all in one file. Much easier.

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