Help needed - ux assistance/consultant in italian if possible

Hello folks,

we are an incoming travel agency, and we have used balsamiq to design our internal group travel software (.NET C#).
It is coming around in testing, but now we are unsure about how to tackle a few difficult useability problems. We need to find a capabe UX/UI specialist to discuss available options.
We are based in Italy (Liguria) and our knowledge of technical terms in english is limited, so we would very much prefer someone who speaks italian.

Could anyone here recommend a skilled specialist? thank you so much.

Hello @Claudio_Scalambrin and welcome to the forum,

I’ve done a little asking around for you and hope to get you a response soon, at this point likely next week.

If you have any specific questions, perhaps you could post them in this thread so others may jump in. All the best!

Hi and thank you for your answer.
This is an internal software dedicated to the precise planning, offering, managing and invoicing of groups travelling to Italy. It is very specific to our line of work and has tons of informations about every single service provided. so we have much data to show and we want to give the best possible user experience, for newbies and expert users. We have a well-defined workflow, so we already try to show functions only when (presumably) needed, but still especially during travel there are so many details to keep track of that it is easy to discourage users.
In essence I think it is our version of an age-old simplicity vs complexity problem, but I am also sure that there are a ton of more general UI/UX improvements possible, and we would like to work on this as soon as possible, preferably before general rollout. :grin:

hello @alasdair , I hope you have been able to ask around a bit. We are now entering production stage, but still in dire need to massively improve useability… We would be very grateful for any indication of a professional or studio that you know to be reliable. Thanks a bundle!

Hello @Claudio_Scalambrin

Sorry that I did not close the loop on this with you. I reached out and did get one lead but sadly it did not come to pass.

We have some resources here that may help: Do You Know Anyone Who Could Help Us Wireframe Our Website/Product?

You could also post a request for help on our Community Slack.

Sorry to not be of more help.