Help Us Beta Test Balsamiq Wireframes for Jira/Confluence Cloud

Hello friends. :slight_smile:

The next phase of Project, “Get Balsamiq Wireframes In All The Things” is nearly ready, and we need your help! We are very close to releasing Balsamiq Wireframes for Jira and Confluence Cloud, but we’d love to see how it does on real projects in the wild.

If you’d like to help us with this, shoot us an email with the email address you’d like us to invite to our private beta Slack channel, and Sax (our plugin developer) will get you set up with the beta.

We expect to release the update sometime in Q1 2018, so even if you don’t have time to join the beta program, you won’t have to wait much longer for it!

Thanks and Happy Holidays from all your friends at Balsamiq!

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Working with this in Jira cloud… so far it seems to be quite good and an improvement.

One thing, it doesn’t appear to import bmml like it used to. We have a lot of wireframes in MyBalsamiq that we import as required - how can we import them now?

Hi @kimthibault

Thanks for the post! While the newest version of Balsamiq for Jira Cloud can no longer handle BMML files, it can happily open a BMPR which you can download from myBalsamiq. All new products going forward will use the BMPR format.

You can find “Download BMPR…” in the “Edit” menu on any project screen in MyBalsamiq:

Hope that helps? Pease get back to me if anything is unclear or you have other questions.

All the best,


Thanks Alasdair,

That option is only for the whole project - would be great if that was possible for one. We have 175 wireframes in our project, and I just want to load the relevant ones in each jira story.

Is there a way to load the project once in Jira, then open just some wireframes for a story? I can’t see how to do that, as every story creates a new project.

It seems like a lot of work to start each Jira story mockup from scratch, as many stories are modifications or improvements on past features.

Kim :blush:

Sorry for the hassle with this, @kimthibault.

The best way to achieve this would be to:

  • download the BMPR file from myBalsamiq
  • upload it to Balsamiq Wireframes for Jira Cloud
  • remove all the unwanted wireframes by putting them to trash and emptying the trash

If many Jira stories require the same set of wireframes, you would just need to do it once and then download the resulting BMPR file (with only the wireframes needed) so you can upload it on each Jira story where it is needed.

Let us know if you have any questions, we’ll do our best to help!

I want to vote for the capability @kimthibault is asking for as well. To truly make Balsamiq + JIRA useful, there has to be the ability to create Balsamiq Projects that are linked to a JIRA project. After that project is created, individual stories/tasks etc. should be able to create a new wireframe within them that is then linked to the master project. As it is now, it’s extremely impractical and nonsensical to have a new project for every story/task etc.

Adding this functionality would be a huge improvement to my team’s workflow. I have a feeling many JIRA users are also looking for this functionality so implementing this would be very positive for selling JIRA Balsamiq subscriptions.

Is this functionality on the roadmap? If not, can we add it?

It’s not @rye, but it definitely seems like it would be helpful. I’m just trying to figure out a way to make it work within the Jira framework.

Just to make sure I understand the request:

When creating a project in Jira, there would be a master Balsamiq project file that was linked to each issue in that project. When someone added a wireframe to that issue, only the wireframes for that issue would be displayed. However, because a project is made of several issues, the master Balsamiq project file would have the wireframes from all the wireframes that were created in issues/stories in the project. Is that right?

There may be a way we can do that on our backend, but I’m not sure we could hook it into Jira. Let me know if that’s what you’re looking for and I will check with the dev team to see if it’s something we can do. :slight_smile:

Hey Brendan,

Yes, your understanding is correct!

I know there are technical hurdles to overcome in order to accomplish this but I feel that this functionality is what JIRA users would assume Balsamiq is already capable of doing. In less than a month, @kimthibault and I have both noticed this issue. I came to the support forums just to look for a solution to this issue and I signed up for these forums just to post this comment. It means a lot to me that this functionality exists and I’m probably not alone.

I’d recently installed the demo and my assumption was that this functionality was already there. I was rather disappointed to see a new project being created inside of every story. I’m the only one who is doing the hands on evaluation of Balsamiq and it was also my team members assumption that this functionality was also present. I now have to go back to the team and inform them that this assumption is incorrect and that our workflow would be hampered by this limitation.

Basically, my point is that this functionality is what most JIRA users will expect when they install the add-on so it will be quite a let-down when it’s not present. It’d be a big win for Balsamiq and its users if it could be implemented.

Oh, you don’t need to sell me on it, @rye - I think it’s a cool idea! I worry about the technical side (Jira doesn’t have a great way to share attachments - and I’m not sure how we would show updates to the master file without opening), but it’s very cool.

I’d love to hear from others who would like to see it as well. I will talk to the dev team to see if it’s something we even can do.

If others would like to see it, like or comment on this post. We will talk it over with the dev team and see what folks think. :slight_smile:

HI @Brendan,

Yes, that is what I would be looking for. Like in MyBalsamiq where we can have “assets” that are available across all projects.


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Another question, @Brendan, how do I edit an existing wireframe in a story in Jira Cloud?

I can only see the option to “Add Balsamiq Wireframe”, and when I click on it there is a new blank wireframe above the existing ones. It’s not a lot of work to remove that, but it’s clunky.

Am I missing a link to “Edit Balsamiq Wireframe”?

There should be an “Edit” button above where the wireframes are displayed, @kimthibault.

But, with that said - and because Jira is Jira - there may not be a button there. Let me know if that is the case. :slight_smile:

Finally, if Jira Cloud can no longer handle BMML files, but can happily open a BMPR , can you add the ability to export a single wireframe from MyBalsamiq in the BMPR format?

We’ve been using MyBalsamiq for 2 years and now have 175 wireframes. To do what @Virgin proposed is just too hard.

I want to stop using MyBalsamiq but, in my time poor world, the clone feature in MyBalsamiq is a massive time saving feature. Now that I can’t import those, I’m re-evaluating the benefit of Balsamiq Wireframes for Jira Cloud.

Thanks! Yes, the button is there. :blush:

I had not seen those as we rarely go into the card detail. 99% of the time we use the side panel that loads on the backlog and sprint board pages.

Can this menu item change to Edit when there is an existing wireframe on a story?

Makes sense to me. Let me talk to the dev team!

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