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Help Us Test Manual Save!


Hey, Friends!

We are prepping for a pretty big change with version 3.4 of Mockups for Desktop, and I was hoping I could recruit you for a little help.

While automatic saving was one of our most requested features for Mockups 3, we’ve seen that we need to add the option to turn it off. Autosave can cause too much havoc with networked drives and folders.

So, if you’re feeling brave, we’d love to have your help testing manual save in Mockups 3 for Desktop. You will find the download link for the beta here. The usual beta caveats apply and are even more important here. We have re-written a lot of how Mockups saves, so please don’t use this on any mission critical mockups that you don’t have backups of.

Here is how manual save works in the current beta:

There is a new item under the Project menu that says Auto Save Every Change.

By default, auto saved will be enabled on projects (as denoted by the checkmark). You can disable it by clicking on that menu item. A message will appear in the bottom right telling you that autosave has been disabled.

As the message says, we are still saving to Mockups’ internal backup, but the remote file is not being saved. This will allow you to do non-destructive edits.

Edited files that haven’t been saved will show as “Edited” in the title bar.

If you close Mockups without saving, we will load the internal backup file upon reopening. If you would rather discard all the changes you have made, and reload the remote file, you can use the Reload from Disk option in the Project menu.

Doing that will discard any changes you made from your last save.

I think that about covers it. :slight_smile:

Please let us know if you run into any issues or saving weirdness. We are still a few weeks away from release on this, so there is plenty of time to make sure we squash any bugs!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and test Mockups. We are really thankful for all the discussions we have had about this, both good and bad because it has helped us make Mockups a better app!

Thank You!

P.S. Here is the download link again, so you don’t have to scroll back to the top:

[Option to disable Autosave IMPLEMENTED] New Feature: everything is always Auto-Saved
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How to turn off auto save
[Option to disable Autosave IMPLEMENTED] New Feature: everything is always Auto-Saved

Perhaps it would be better to prompt the user which version to open (auto saved backup or manually saved version) rather than automatically open one and potentially confuse the user when they see content they weren’t expecting. It would be handy if the date/time of each version were displayed. Many will be familiar with this approach from MS Office.


Holy Moly, this is the Post of the year! Jumping into the Beta right now! :slight_smile:


Two little things that just occured to me (not bugs):

  • “Save Project” is enabled when you use “Auto-save”, but disabled when you don’t use it (when no modifs). It’s a bit confusing to me. Suggestion: Disable it (or hide it) when Auto-save is checked, since you now expose the Auto-save in the menu. It does not have to be explained anymore via a little popup.

  • My first thought was that the setting was per project, since it was in the directly in the File menu, It would belong in an “Options” or “Preferences” dialog, but I understand the app doesn’t have any for now. Sorry, no suggestion for this one :slight_smile:


Manual Save seems to be working fine so far. I only got one conflict with syncplicity so far instead of one every couple of minutes as with autosave.

Just a mild annoyance: If I do a “Save Project as …”, balsamiq does neither offer the same path nor the filename of the current project. Instead it just defaults to “Projektname.bmpr” and the Desktop.

Previously it used to go the previous location with the same filename that you than could change. This is what I would expect.

Windows 7 x64, balsamiq Beta 3.999.236

Working with OneDrive for Business
Multiple BMPR files

Just experienced a strange lockup with the current beta: I have three projects open at the same time. Tried to save one of them, and it gets stuck with “Saving thumbnails …”. Tried to close another (un-edited) one, gets stuck with “Closing project…” I still can access the menu but nothing works.

If I use the X-Button to close the window, the safeguard dialog appears “You have unsaved changes […].” The filename in that dialog is not display in the normal way but uses “%20” for blanks etc.

No matter what I click in the dialog, I cannot close the application.


Strange occurance before the lockup described above: With one file I opened balsamiq noew remembered the correct name and location during “Save Project as …”. Not for the ones, though.


There is an RTE floating around the new beta that prevents the app from being closed. We are still searching for the cause. I’m sorry you hit it too, @PhilippQF.

We will do everything we can to find it and kill it :slight_smile:


Yeah, go for it! :smiling_imp:

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