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Hide/Clear "Mockup History"


Is there option to hide or clear the history (hide from the page).
I don’t understand why this info needs to be viewable by casual viewer whom I want to show the mockups to (Access: website)


@Matelot Welcome to the forums!

While there isn’t a way to hide the history link, there are a couple of ways you can share the mockups in ways that do not include the history link.

One way is to send them the Prototype View link and the other is to send them individual mockup Image Permalinks.

Both of these methods are explained on our Sharing page.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks Phil.

While I can imagine - with a bit of stretch - that there should be a sound reason for keeping and tracking all of the detailed edit history of every single mockup (it’s really quite impressive) - and OPEN that to SHARING.
It makes me feel like the viewer was standing over my shoulder all this time watching me tweak this and that, inserting and later deleting silly images & burning the mid-night oil…
LOL just so weird.

My work around ATM is to clone the mockup and deleting it.


Hi @Matelot and thanks for sharing your thoughts about this one.

While I totally understand that the history does not suit your specific use, some teams that work collaboratively on projects rely on it a lot as a safety net.

Good catch! Cloning the project is indeed the easiest way to get rid of the history if needed.

We’ll be here to help if you need anything else. :slight_smile: