Hide Markup is gone, but Show Markup appears

There is an inconsistency now in 4.6.6.

The Hide Markup button used to appear next to the trash. It is now gone. However, the Show Markup button appears. Therefore…

  • In the Hide Markup state, there in a Show Markup.
  • In the Show Markup state, there is no Hide Markup button.

Please restore the Hide Markup button when in the Show Markup state. I know there is the shortcut, but that button was useful.

Hey Mike,

This is a byproduct of us cleaning up the toolbar to make the app less overwhelming (and simplify things a little bit). While the button is gone, you can still show/hide markup with CTRL/CMD + K or via the View menu.

We’re hoping that once folks get used to this change, it will be even quicker for advanced users to wrangle their markup. However, if it continues to be a burden, let us know, and we will see if we can take another shot at it. :slight_smile: