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Hide unused mockups


It is possible to hide mockups during presentation?

Suppose I have 12 mockups to define 12 steps for a process but someone else has an idea which can eliminate 4 steps which in turn means reducing the mockups to 8. Now in presentation mode the new 8 alternatives are shown but also are the 4 that were eliminated from the current idea.

I shouldn’t trash these 4 until the new idea is approved. So, how do I hide them?



There isn’t a way to do that, Michael, but that’s a really good idea! Let me write up a story for that and see what the rest of the team thinks.

The only workaround I can think of is to either duplicate the mockups in the project and then group them as two separate flows using mockup hierarchy. Or you can duplicate the whole project, and present them as two separate things.

Neither of those workarounds is ideal, but maybe they will work in a pinch?

Thanks for the idea, Michael. Keep them coming, my friend!


I used the linking feature in the past.

When starting the two alternatives you can have for example 2 small colorful dots at the button which starts the process. The orange dot starts your process and the blue dot starts the suggestion of your colleague. No need to show all the mockups slide by slide.