Hiding containers during user testing [maybe feature request?]

Hi Balsamiq folks,
I am a high school teacher using Balsamiq with students to mockup mobile apps. When we’re creating the mockup on a computer, it’s useful to use one of the cell phone style containers in Balsamiq - maybe the “smart phone” or “iPhone” - and then put components within that container because it helps visualize the layout and sizing.

However, a lot of students want to perform user testing on a mobile device rather than a PC to better simulate app usage. When the mockup is viewed on a mobile device, we get a weird “phone within a phone” effect because there’s a picture of a smart phone on the actual smart phone. Is there a way to hide only large-scale containers like these during user testing?

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I might have just solved my own problem with something semi-workaround-ish.

I can set the containers to be “markup” and then choose to hide or not hide markup during user testing. This lumps the containers in with things like sticky notes, which it would be cool to avoid, but it still works pretty well.

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Hello @John_Shelby

Thanks for the message. While we don’t have a ‘hide container’ feature as such, you could treat the control(s) in question as Markup and toggle Markup off and on as needed?

Perhaps you could take a look at that feature and see if it works for you?

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