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Hierarchical view


I received this project from someone… How do I create this expandable breanches/Hierarchical view of mockups?


Select an item and press TAB to transform the item to the Level 2 or deeper.
SHIFT+TAB moves the item back to Level 1.


Yes! Thank you!


Hello @Serge_Mavro

Thanks for the post.

Simply put, select the wireframe in the ‘Navigator Panel’ (the panel to the left with the wireframe thumbnails) and press the Tab key to make the wireframe a child of the wireframe above.

There are other keypresses to manage the hierarchy and you can read about the feature in full here: Using Mockup Hierarchy

Get back to us with any questions, ok?




Wow! I will certainly make use of this.

BUT… How would I know this feature exists if I didn’t see this post? I don’t see it in any menus.


Hi @Tina

Thanks for the post. There are a small number of features which are available in the app. but which are not exposed in a menu option. In this case, the ‘Tab’ keypress has no effect if you have, for example, a control selected in the canvas - it only works when you have a wireframe selected in the Navigator panel to the side. It’s hard to know how to communicate that in a simple menu option so it’s omitted.

There’s a great overview of the whole editor here (Balsamiq Mockups 3 Application Overview) and that document includes a description of the hierarchy feature.

All this said, thanks so much for the feedback - it’s appreciated.