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[High priority] Object resize Bug when entering new values

Something happened since your last release, and I am unable to type in the new hight/width values without Balsamiq auto-populating a number. See video: - Google Drive
Here I am typing 20, but Balsamiq auto-entered 100 for me. This is the biggest pain of my existence this week.

Hello @TanyaG Thanks for the post and sorry for the annoyance here. We became aware of this bug (it is, simply, a bug) yesterday after a report from another customer. We’re working on it and will get it fixed.

We know it’s inconvenient but, for now, you’ll need to resize controls via dragging the anchors on the canvas or by editing the number field in the Inspector and adding digits from the left (although that gets very fiddly).

You can also use the keyboard to resize selected controls. CTRL/+ALT+ to resize in 1px increments, CTRL/+ALT+SHIFT+ for 10px increments which you may find more convenient for now.