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Highlights interactions on mybalsamiq+1


I started using balsamiq one week ago, i have two questions:
1\Is there a way to highlights possible interactions on my balsamiq prototype?
When i share the link, people struggle to find which part are clickable on the prototype.
2\Is there a way to create a menu button that works with all pages?
Being specific i have 4 icons on the top bar, clicking on each icon a menu appear with 4 items, each item connect to a specific mockup. The problem i am facing is that i should create for each mockup, a version with each item menu open, this will lead to several mockups. Would be good to say to the program that each time i click on a top bar item, the menu appear, doesn’t matter what the body of the page is.
I hope it is understandable.

Thank you, this program is really great!



Hi @Roberto_Ruggeri and thanks for the kind words! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if you are using our Desktop version or myBalsamiq, so I’ll share instructions for both.

1/ Yes! You can indeed highlight the links by enabling the related option.

In the Desktop version, here’s the related option in the Full Screen Presentation Mode.

In myBalsamiq, the same option will be available in the lower-right corner, as detailed here. In case you are using the Prototype View Link instead, the option will also be located on the lower-right corner, as shown below:

2/ Totally makes sense. While you will need to create one mockup for each state you want to demonstrate, using the Symbols feature (this doc for myBalsamiq) will avoid having to re-create or copy/paste the menu item.

Hope this helps! We’ll be here if you need anything else, Roberto.


That was really helpful, thank you very much.
One more q, i uploaded my project on mybalsamiq, is there a way now to work on balsamiq desktop and then upload only new mockups? If so, do link works?

Eg. i uploaded mockup-home then i work offline on new1, new1 is linked to mockup-home. When i upload new1, i would like the link to work.

Thank you!


Thanks for sharing your need @Roberto_Ruggeri.

You can indeed work with both versions, but you may have noticed that they are using different file formats for now.

To upload only new mockups, you will need to:

In the example you shared, the link should indeed work since the destination mockup is already in your project.

Anything else, we’re here!


thank you. Last question for now:
I am using symbols, is there a way to let the symbol goes to the screen exactly in the same position of creation?
Eg. i create a symbol on upper left, when i click to add it into another mockup, it appears on the upper left.


Not by adding the control from the UI library, unfortunately. On the other hand, copy/pasting the symbol from the original mockup, where it has been created, will keep the position. :slight_smile: