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Hitting Enter in mockup rename should not give you a new line

  1. When you rename a mockup using the Rename dialog, but do not change the name, but immediately then hit Enter - this gives you a new line in the “New name” field, but I would expect it instead to do the same as if I’d clicked the Rename button in the dialog, which is no action at all since the button is grayed.
    If you do indeed use a new line in the dialog and then type some more characters, then click Rename, the mockup is renamed. Then click Rename again and the dialog reappears with the new line now no longer in the New name field.
  2. It appears you can use trailing spaces in a name and those are preserved. I would suggest you trim leading and trailing spaces when the user clicks Rename


Hi @hrobinson,

Thanks for the post and for the feedback.

Taking a step back, we’re in the process of - actually moving along well with - a complete rewrite of the desktop apps. There are many reasons for the rewrite but, not least, is our need to move on from using Adobe Air as an underlying framework. The new apps are native to macOS and Windows.

I mention this as we’re focusing on replacing Mockups 3 when these new, native apps ship so fixing bugs in Mockups doesn’t make a whole lot of sense right now. Focusing on the new desktop app, I tried the first rename issue in the latest beta test version and the dialog behaves more intuitively - you can’t click the Rename button unless the name actually changes. So I’d say that addresses the first issue.

On the second, the desktop app behaves exactly like Balsamiq Cloud - I’ll talk to the team about considering trimming leading and trailing spaces in wireframe names.

If you’d like to join the list for the public beta, just drop us an email at or let me know here and I’ll get you added.


I’m down for the public beta for the native Windows app.


Added you to the list, David. As soon we have a spot for you, we will be in touch!