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Hitting undo after resizing UI elements does not return elements to exact previous state


Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a new project
  2. Add random elements to the canvas
  3. Highlight all elements and resize so that elements are more condensed
  4. Undo action (using either keyboard or menu option)

What Should Happen:
Once I undo my resizing action, I expect all elements to go back to their exact previous positions.

What Actually Happens:
Once I undo my resizing action, some of the elements are now positioned at completely new coordinates; no matter how much I hit “Undo,” those newly positioned elements do not return back to their original position.

Other Notes:
Assume I have a saved project and then this bug occurs. As a user, my first expectation is that I could close the project without saving it, re-open it, and I should see my original project before the bug occurred. But because auto-saving has been implemented, I cannot use this avenue to circumvent the bug issue.

At times, I have also experienced a related bug wherein I accidentally resize a group of elements, hit “Undo,” and it doesn’t look like anything’s been reverted; however, if I close and re-open the project, it’s back to normal.

See GIF 1:

See GIF 2 (Auto-saving example—I close without actively saving, then re-open my project; the bug is still there):

After dragging an element, it's not where it looks like it is

Hey @cko, thanks for letting us know about this and for the details steps! I’ll get it written up and we’ll take a look.