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Horizontal Padding in Left Hand Panel Truncates Mockup Names Early

I navigate between mockups by name in the left hand panel. Recently it seems that the horizontal padding has increased and noticeably reduced the text that can show before truncation.

It would be very helpful if more text can be shown before truncation by reducing the padding.

(I know that I can make the left hand panel wider but that takes space away from the main panel. Previously, I could see more of the name and had a nice balance between the panels. This is not possible anymore.)

This is best seen in the below screenshot.

Hi there Paul,

Thanks for the well-consider post. This is actually something that we discussed in the past based on a report from another customer. The concern at the time was that the highlighted space is reserved for the carets for Hierarchy and for the context menu:


We’ll revisit the discussion and see what we can do. Thanks again!

As a point of comparison, here is the left hand panel from 3.5.16:

I estimate you could see nearly twice the number of characters in the previous version. (I should note that there are 37px - at 1x - more pixels in the width of this screenshot so there is a small advantage to 3.5.16 here.)

I don’t think the 4.x release had as much horizontal padding until recently but perhaps I am mistaken.

Any improvement to how many characters can be seen in the available space would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

(Although I should mention that word wrapping doesn’t help. It was turned on during the beta at one point and it resulted in many fewer mockups vertically, which was its own problem.)

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