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Horizontal Radio Groups


Is there any way of having a single radio group going across the page, rather than in a list? I know I can create separate radio buttons, but wondering why the radio group only goes vertically and not horizontally.

You’d see it a lot on webpages looking for feedback and instances like that.

Example, on a scale of 1-10, 1 being “rubbish suggestion”, 10 being “best suggestion ever” how would you rate this request, and then you’d see 10 separate Radio Buttons across the page


Right now, you would have to create it yourself. You could make it as a symbol, but it’s not a built-in control. This is on our list for the future, and I’m adding your vote. Thanks!


+1 for this feature

  • another 1!
    also a combination of horizontal and vertical (2x2) would be great


This, but for a checkbox group, would also be a nice addition.


Thanks Todd :slight_smile:

We are pretty heads down on the next generation of our web-apps, but this is on our radar!


it’s really intriguing why doesn’t exist(please don’t tell me you’re working on it, after a year is difficult to believe that)


I totally get the frustration here, @grubio and I apologize for it. You’re right, it’s not something we are actively working on right now.

Our focus has been on the next-generation native apps. Once those are released, we will come back and look at stuff like this.

Unfortunately, our team is so small that we aren’t able to do both, but I promise that we will look at this once those apps are out.