Horizontal scroll not working on Balsamiq Cloud any more?

Looks like holding SHIFT and using the mousewheel no longer horizontally scrolls on Firefox 118.0.1 and Balsamiq Cloud Version: cloud-1541 is this due to a recent update or is it just me?

Hi @Krzysztof and thanks for reporting the issue.

It looks like it only affects Windows and I’ve looped in our dev team so they can look into it.

Thanks again and sorry for the trouble.

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Thanks for looking into it, looking forward to getting this back since it’s pretty much in my muscle memory :sweat_smile:

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Not exactly on topic, but I was actually about to log this one myself. If you select an object and then do a horizontal scroll (using the bottom scroll bar) as soon as you release the mouse, the object becomes unselected.
This behavior might have always been there (?) but I’ve only noticed it recently. Being a person of “conservation of keystrokes and clicks”, this is energy wasted when I pick one or more objects, do a horizontal scroll to pick up a few more, and the first batch de-selects.
(I can spin this off into a separate post if that’s helpful)

Hey @Steven_Swinkels

Thanks for the message. I am seeing the same behavior so we’ll dig into this and get it written up. We’ll get you an update shortly.

Hey, horizontal scrolling via the mousewheel is back. Thank you!

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