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Horizontal Slider Bar

First time using Balsamiq and I love it!
I’m trying to implement a slider bar for a data input, similar to this type of slider:

Is this a currently supported feature and I am just missing it?


Hi @Epeets,

Thanks for the post! There is a ‘Slider’ control but it only supports a single range (rather than the ‘window’ in your example).

That said, you could probably create the look you need by combining controls (and using Symbols for convenient re-use).

It could look something like this:


I’ve attached the project I used to make that example so you can see how I did it. It’s not ideal but perhaps you can make that work?

slider.bmpr (20 KB)

Thank you for the quick reply!
I will try to make it work and get back to you!

Hi Alasdair,

Thank you for the mockup.
I cannot seem to find the Slider Control in my Balsamiq.
What tab does it live under?


Hello again @Epeets,

The simple slider which is built in to the UI Library is called ‘H.Slider’. There’s also a vertical version (‘V.Slider’).

The easiest way to find it is using the Quick Add Tool - just type in ‘slider’.

You’re the man!

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