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Hovering dialog “Transform to...”

As it happens, the “Transform to…” dialog somehow popped up on top of the main wireframes pane, maybe due to an illicit context menu action, and stayed.

Changing from navigator to thumbnail grid, it disappeared, but unfortunately, on changing back it was there again. It persisted over wireframe changes. The escape key, a test transform, nothing helped to rid this windows except for closing the entire application.

Now I cannot easily reproduce. But maybe - however rare the circumstances are - there should be some means to close the dialog in any means.

This is Wireframes for Desktop 4.0.28 on Win 10 Enterprise 1809.

Hi @Karsten_Tinnefeld,

Thanks for the post and for this report. I spent a little time trying to reproduce this in 4.0.28 but was not able.

If it happens again, would you make a note of the circumstances as well as you can - which control were you transforming from and to, the keypresses leading up to the problem, etc. - and get back to us and we’ll try to reproduce it and go from there. Thanks again!

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@alasdair You might have (if you are a Windows user) noticed this seldomly happens with Windows context menues when opened from the dock and something is wrong about the process that owns the dock icon.

In addition to avoiding these situations from happening which may result from race conditions let me again suggest a means to recover from such situations by some sort of UI control (a small x in the top right corner, an ESC key handler, etc.) which works irrespective of context.

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