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How are the bmml files associated in jira


Hi Tech Support,

we’re currently trying to find out how many bmml files there are in our jira instance.

i used the following logic(in the database via sql):
3 Tables: changeitem, changegroup and jiraissue
changeitem has a foreign key to changegroup as groupid
changegroup has a foreign key to jiraissue as issueid

additionally i filter the results for changeitem.Field = Attachment

but the results we’re receiving are not right. we’re not finding some specific bmml files in the database.

how can we achieve our goal, are there any best practices?



Hi @michael.sand, hope you’re doing well. :slight_smile:

Since .bmml files are stored as simple attachment to a JIRA issue, a possible solution is to list all the attachments and filter them by file extension (i.e. bmml).

I’ve just check with our plugin developer and since we’re not sure about the easiest way to do that, I’ve posted your question on the Atlassian forums. At the bottom of the post, you’ll have the option to Watch this request and get notified as soon as they reply there.

Hope we can figure this out quickly! Anything else, we’re here.