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How can disable the notifications in Mockup?


How can i disable the notifications in Mockup?
Confluence Version 5.5.3

Thanks in andvance


I’m talking about the mail notifications that the plugin generates.


Hi @sebasabud!

Could you provide an example of these mail notifications? Trying to figure out if they are being generated by Confluence or the plugin. Also, are you using Confluence Cloud or Self-Hosted?



Hi sebasabud,
Inside Confluence pages, Balsamiq Mockups resources are saved as attachments (i.e. BMML files) and as macros. When you save the mockups via the Balsamiq editor, the content of the page (i.e. the macro) and the attachment are updated and these updates trigger the Confluence notifications.

You can configure Confluence server in order to filter/reduce mail notifications as described here:

Sorry to not be able to solve the case directly but we have no handle to manage the Confluence notifications directly in our plugin.


Hi Keith and sax_balsamiq,
When I edit a mockups, I disable the notify watchers.

But I still recieve two notifications.

Thanks for your answers.


The email says that notifications are generated by Balsamiq Mockups. What does that mean?


@sebasabud, I think I know what your problem is and it’s a Confluence notification setting. :smile:

Do you have the “Notify on my actions” option selected under your personal email settings in Confluence? See screenshot below showing where this setting is located:

With this setting active I believe confluence will ignore the fact that you uncheck “Notify Watchers” – it’s going to send you an email for every change you make, regardless if you ask to be notified or not.

Hope my suspicion is correct!


@keith, sorry I didnt explain very well in the last message, I have two users, “Auditor” and “Migracion”. For Example:
User Migracion: Creates the page, creates a mockup graphic and saves the page.
User Auditor: Searchs for the page and subcribes to watch the page.
User Migracion: Edits the mockup in the page, and saves (disabling the notify wathcher).
The User Auditor recieves two notifications

To summarize, although I disable the notify watchers checkbox, the watchers are still recieving the mockup notifications.

The profile Auditor is:


@sebasabud, I see what you’re saying and this does seem to be a Confluence issue like @sax_balsamiq mentioned.
I found a ticket for the problem on Atlassian’s issue portal:

Seems like it may have been resolved on Confluence version 5.5, you may want to open a support ticket with Atlassian and confirm the version of Confluence you’re running.

Also, the “auto-generated by Balsamiq Mockups. DO NOT REMOVE” is the description of the file, I can totally understand how that could be confused with how the email is being generated. :smile:


Thanks @Keith and @sax_balsamiq for your answers, Its all clear now.


@Keith I upgraded Confluence to version 5.8.4, but the problem remains.


We are using Confluence 5.6.6. According to this issue is resolved in Confluence 5.5. If you read the thread closely, you will find a reply by Joe Xie towards the end. He is quoting Derrick Isaacson:

Derrick Isaacson:
in 5.5, there is a new rest api (and the associated java api) that will
allow a plugin to set the minor edit flag of an attachment during
upload. The SOAP and XML-RPC api will NOT have support for this
minor attachment flag (due to backwards compatibility concerns). If you
have any extra concerns or questions regarding the api usage, please
don’t hesitate to contact me jxie (at) atlassian (dot) com, or
alternatively, ask on and i ll try to answer it.

Now, I believe we can play the ball to Balsamiq, as they need to update their notifications API accordingly, as we have no way in the Balsamiq plugin to change the notifications setting and no way to filter incoming notification events from Balsamiq within Confluence.

@sax_balsamiq Could you please forward this request to your development team? I’m looking forward to receiving an update.

Best regards,


Hi Daniel,
Actually we already implemented the new API reported in in the latest Balsamiq Mockups for Confluence.

When the BMML attachment is added to the page, the plugin set the minor edit flag using the following method available in the Confluence JAVA API.


Apparently this is not producing the expected result. We will investigate more with the Atlassian folks.

Sorry again for the hassle.


Hi Daniel,
We have probably found a fix for the unwanted notifications sent when the BMML and PNG attachments are updated after the mockup is saved.

Here you can find the next release that you can install in order to test the fix:

Let us know your feedback