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How can I achieve an overlay, e.g. alert box over an existing mocjup?


I have a mock-up for my mobile app. One of the buttons is a “help menu”, which i want to display as a pop-up tooltip. To simulate this “help” behaviour, do i need to create a second duplicate of the mock-up with the help tooltip displayed? Or, can I easily specify that a mock-up containing just the pop-up tooltip should overlay rather than replace the mock-up that linked to it?



You need to create a new mockup, but you can convert the “underlying” mockup as a symbol and use this in your mockup with the overlay (modal). Maybe thats a bit easier :slight_smile:


Hi @garyhooper and thanks for joining our forums! :slight_smile:

@heringsfilet is right, you would need to create a mockup for each state you’d like to demonstrate in your project. Using your existing mockup as a first layer symbol is indeed a great advice and will help you save some time.

Once both mockups are created, you can use our Linking feature to demonstrate what should happen when you press that Help button.

Hope this helps! We’ll be here if you need anything else.