How can I change the graph paper grid size?


I’ve searched for this and can’t believe it hasn’t come up before… I cannot figure out how to change the grid size for the graph paper in Balsamiq Mockups 3. I’m trying to do multiple columns but elements snap to the graph paper instead if the positions I want. How can I change the default grid so elements snap at points I specify?


Hi! The grid is actually just a background image—it doesn’t affect your mockups at all. You can hide or show it in the View menu.

The snapping is based off other elements that are in your mockups. When you move something around, it will snap either to 15px away from the edge of another control, lining up with the edge of that other control, or centered on the control. Hopefully that helps clear some things up. Sorry for the confusion!


Okay, thanks for the reply. How can I change the snap values then? The 15px doesn’t seem to be working properly, or, at the very least, I can figure out the rhyme or reason behind the snapping. It’s definitely not snapping to elements in my mockup because I don’t have any.


Hmm, if you have no elements in your mockup, then I’m a bit confused. I just tried to move around the first element in a mockup, and couldn’t get it to snap at all. Could you try a screenshot or something like that to let me know what you’re seeing?

If the snapping is not working for you, you can hold down CTRL on PC or CMD on Mac to disable snapping while you’re moving the control. Thanks!


I just tried to take a screenshot but the OSX screenshot tool won’t capture the snap lines. I’m using the Bootstrap 3 template, if that helps. The bs-grid-lg background is locked in the background at the correct x and y positions, but when I drag in new elements like rectangles they snap to arbitrary positions.

Really, I’m just trying to figure out how to get things to snap to the 12 column grid, because placing them freehand looks sloppy.


This is unusual. Can we please get it to align with the snapping?


I would not recommend that, in this case you will always (too much) have snapping. IMHO it is more important to use the snapping for the other elements.


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Thanks for sharing your suggestion about this one. You’re not the first person to ask for it so I’m adding your vote to the existing request. This will help us to prioritize it for the future and discuss it further.

We’re here to help if you need anything else! :slight_smile: