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How can I copy elements and paste them in balsamiq for Confluence?



what bugs me is that if I change certain desing elements bound to an issue in JIRA and want to update them on the general product overview in confluence I have to rebuild the whole element from scratch instead of just copy and pasting it.

Is there a solution for that?


Hi Philip,
You can try to copy and paste the content of the mockups between JIRA and Confluence by using the Import/Export functionality of the editor.

Exporting a mockup is easy, just select “Export Mockup XML” from the File menu.

Once you have the XML, you can use it to create a new mockup by importing it via the “Import Mockup XML…” dialog in the File menu.

Contact us for any other doubt.



yes that is exactly what I do with the whole mockup, but mostly I want to import only certain parts of the mockup. So I have only the highlights to discuss and point us with the devs.


You can select the controls you need to export and you will be prompted with the following choice:

In order to better align them or to move them all at once you can also group controls using the Group command in the menu or Property Inspector.