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How can I design my own parameterized and clickable controls?


I know I can bring over images and such and that I can design symbols that combine various controls, icons and imagery. What I would love is to be able to design symbols that except parameters. For instance a data grid variant. And I would love to make multiple parts of that result (like in a select list) linkable as well. Is there some way to do that that I have missed thus far?


Hi again @Samantha_Atkins, long time no chat :smiley:

You haven’t missed anything, we offer limited interactivity for Mockups because we want to keep them low fidelity; a step above pencil and paper. That doesn’t mean, however, that adding more interactions isn’t something we are talking about. I’ll add your wish list to the conversation!

Thanks again for taking the time to post your feedback (and bugs) today. It means a lot to us. Please don’t hesitate to let us know what else would be helpful for you!


Thank you for the reply but my question didn’t really have anything to do with fidelity. I am quite happy for it to have the same fidelity. I am even happy to built my controls out of parts provided in Balsamiq which would certainly result in the same fidelity. What I really need is ability to add links to other mockups to symbols and such and to do so ideally from data within the symbol (like creating my own dropdown or tree).

I realize you folks and the community to some degree want to keep the tool simple. But I am getting tired of endless cloning to make a mockup work in a demo.


Hi @Samantha_Atkins,

Sorry for misunderstanding your request here.

If you need to add links to your already created symbol, the best way to do so is via “edit source” when you select the symbol:

You will be able to add/modify a link in controls via the property inspector and even directly from text controls as explained here:
Once the source is edited, your link will be reflected on every instance of the symbol within the project.

On the other hand, if only one instance needs to be modified, you can override properties by double-clicking on a symbol to “enter it”, more details here:

I hope this is what you look for. In case you need more information or possibilities, please send us an email to so we can set up a call if that’s sounds more appropriate. :smile: