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How can I link to the previous screen?


I use MyBalsamiq for prototyping of new products during the design phase, and that often includes clickable demos for client end users. One thing I haven’t yet figured out is how to create a link to the previous screen. Especially with more complex prototypes, a simple “Back” button does wonders for a client’s user experience of the proposed workflow, but MyBalsamiq doesn’t seem to have that functionality. Am I just missing something? I saw a vague reference on this forum that there are “plans” for this, but that was months ago and I haven’t seen anything else more recent. I’d love it if someone could help me understand how to add this functionality! Thank you!


You can insert a link to a specific mockup but not to the “last viewed” mockup.


Hi @bcarlson,

As @heringsfilet mentioned, you can link a specific mockup but we have no “-1” link type.

I’ve added your vote for this request to our internal tracker, that will help us prioritize it for the future.

As a work around for now: if you are prototyping in Fullscreen mode, there are Left/Right arrow buttons in the toolbar that are used for back/forward history.

Hope that helps! :smile:

Thanks for your input.