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How can I save each view in a mockup in seperate pdf?


Hello - I want to upload only the edited mockup views to invision app - however when I export my mockup to pdf - the whole file (with 10+ views) save in pdf. How can I save each view in a mockup into a separate pdf file?


Hi @elinnet,

Thanks for reaching out!

You can actually achieve this by selecting “Current mockup” in the export to pdf window, as shown below:

You also have the option to select only a set of mockups that will export to a pdf file.

Hope this helps! :smile:


Hi @Virgin - thanks for your message but when I go to the ‘export to PDF’ button I only get limited options which import all the views one big file (named ‘V2’) and not the ones you show - please see screenshot below - what can I do next? (


Hi @elinnet,

Sorry for the confusion here!

Unfortunately, the version you are using (myBalsamiq, our web version) does not allow for single mockup export to PDF for now. This feature is available in Mockups 3 for desktop and we are working hard on harmonizing our versions so each of them could benefit from all features.

Another option here would be to export your mockup(s) to PNG, which allows single file exports:

Hope this will work for you! Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help.