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How can i send the crash reports for balsamiq 3?


Hey. Balsamiq 3 seems to be crashing a lot on my mac. It’s sort of manageable… ish… since there’s automatic saving, but I imagine you’d like to improve the stability in the future. Every time it crashes, I get the usual bug report to send to apple. But are you guys also getting the crash reports automatically in some way? Or would you like us (me) to send them through somehow? :neutral_face:


Hi @Smaranda_Calin,

Sorry you’ve hit this bug.

Let’s try to avoid that from happening again:

Have you identified any steps that lead to the crash?
Is it happening to specific project(s)?

Also, could you please check on the version you are running? If not the latest, please update to the latest (3.1.8) here:

Crash reports would not be useful in that case but thanks for trying to help. :wink:


I was running 3.1.2. I thought it would check for updates automatically :worried: Installed 3.1.8 now.


I had 2 projects open, i put my computer to sleep and then the next day, first thing when I opened it, balsamiq crashed. Hopefully not relevant now and fixed in new version :smile:


My co-worker and myself regularly have this problem as well. Balsamiq is very unstable and crashes frequently.
We are both using Balsamiq 3.5.5 which is a little older.
The crashes seem to be related to having “too many” mockups and mockup alternates. I notice that it is stable for a long time, and then shortly after adding a new mockup it crashes.
Will try upgrading to the new version, but this was definitely a serious issues before.


I’m really sorry about that, @axup.

I’d really be curious to see how Balsamiq Cloud handles your projects as that is what the updated desktop app will be built on top of.

Keep us in the loop on this. If the issue persists, I’d love to see if there is anything we can do on our side to make it better.