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How can we run mock-ups on Android devices?


I want to run a mock-up on an android tablet. How can I do it? apk???


We don’t have an android version of Mockups yet, @Rituyadav, but it’s something we are planning on doing.

We hope to have some more news soon :slight_smile:


Thanks Brendon.

Could you suggest ways to share the mock-ups (with all links) with other who do not have Balsamiq Software please?


Absolutely, @Rituyadav. We have a page dedicated to sharing right here.

My preference is to send a PDF. That will allow folks to click through your mockups on any device.

Let me know if that works for you! :slight_smile:


I saw a youtube video from 2011 where the guy used something called “mockups 2 android” to get view the mockup on an android phone. Does that still exist?


Not sure, @johnmerritt1007. I’m having trouble finding anything on it myself :frowning: