How do I add icons next to my menu items?



I am creating a vertical navigation using the ‘menu’ UI item. I wish to have icons next to each item however cannot see any way to do this without adding a few spaces before each menu text item and adding icons as separate entities next to each menu item. This of course falls apart as soon as any menu item is changed.

The official docs ( show a ‘With icons’ variant under ‘Types of Vertical Navigation’ which is what I would like to do.

Please could somebody advise?

Many thanks


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Instead of the Menu control, I would suggest using the List one. It will allow you to add icons directly from the property inspector, as shown below.

Hope this helps! Any questions, we’re here.


Hi @Virgin,

Many thanks for your response and helpful gif. This is exactly what I was after!

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Interesting. Any plans to merge the list and menu elements into a single, all-powerful element?

Menu allows for separators, and right aligned shortcut keys/expanders. These are not supported in list.

list menu


Not for now @paulshoughton but I guess adding an option to add icons to the Menu would do the trick. Is this the option you’re missing in the Menu control?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, as always!


The ability to add icons to menus in the style of lists would be very useful.