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How do I align a group?


I have grouped together some elements in a wireframe. I would like to center them on the page. When I select the group, I do not get the option to arrange them (as if I selected multiple controls). If I ungroup the elements and center them, they overlap each other. What am I doing wrong? Or is this feature missing in Balsamiq 3?


Hey @doodelicious, I’m sorry for the delayed response, it’s been a busy day today!

It sounds to me like you are trying to drill down, into individual groups, and center the elements that way? Is that correct? Does double clicking on the group allow you to center the elements you want?

Let me know if I’m understanding you correctly, I want to make sure the answer I’m giving is the one that will help you :smile:

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It just dawned on me what I was doing wrong. But because I couldn’t find anything else on the Interwebz, I hope this helps somebody.

In order to align objects, controls or groups, you must select the element and another element that you are aligning it to. Because each mockup does not have a fixed size (per se), aligning, distributing and spacing out only work when another related element is selected. For example, if you want to align text on a rectangle background, select the text element and the rectangle element, then you can choose to align the elements to one another.

I hope this helps someone. Thanks for replying, Brendan!