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How do i back up / recover file after Saving Error accident


How can i back up file after this pop up appeared “Saving Error.” and i wrong clicked on balsamiq screen later my screen was frozen, after i restart my computer again then i found my file is lost.

Thank you.


Hi @kenpongchrist and sorry for the trouble with your file.

Are you using a recent version of Mockups 3 for Desktop (3.5.7 is the latest)?

We added a backup system for all projects in version 3.2.1. Can you please check in your local store folder for these backups?

The folder is called LocalProjects, as detailed here:

Sorry again for the trouble. Please let us know how this goes, we’ll do our best to help to find a working version of your file.


Hi @Virgin

Thanks you so much, It’s Work!

btw, I want to know the maximum page of Mock Up that Balsamiq can handle in each file, because i already produced around 400 mock up page in 1 file then my computer running so slow or this problem is depend on my Computer specification (Ram 4GB) .


Glad to hear that @kenpongchrist! :slight_smile:

While we don’t have any official limitation for the number of mockups per project you can have, we usually recommend to keep it around 100 as a maximum. This is mostly to ensure that the performances stay optimal.

That being said, this will also depend on the content of your project. For example, having a lot of Data Grid controls or high-quality images will add complexity to a project.

Hope this helps!