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How do I create a modal popup?


Hi forgive my newbie-ness. I’m trying to create a modal popup and thought that the “modal screen” would do this for me but it doesn’t. What is the purpose of the “modal screen” if it doesn’t behave as a pop-up? Do I need to create a separate mockup and use my original as a symbol. Really confused. Thanks!!


Yes, you need to add a seperate mockup and use the “modal screen” as a background for your popup.


Thanks Frederik

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Hi @pcullen,

As @heringsfilet mentioned, you will need to create a mockup for each “state” you want to demonstrate. Once this is done, you can easily link those mockups together if needed.

Happy Wireframing! :slight_smile:


Just FYI, to get modal effect on screen. I put a gray screen layer with some opacity so you can see screen behind it :slight_smile:


This is what the built-in “modal” component does, isn’t it?