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How do I horizontally center a title object in a browser object?

I am amazed there isn’t a context menu entry for this, or something in the property box.

The browser window object and title are grouped.


Hi there @achalk ,

Thanks for the post - we have not seen you for a while!

The easiest way to do this is probably to just use the Smart Guides - as you move the Title control, they’ll tell you when you’re centered with the Browser. Here’s a short animation:


Alternately, you can use the alignment controls in the context menu or Property Inspector. More on that here: Aligning UI Controls.

Let us know if anything is unclear or you have any questions.

One small caveat, it looks like you may be using Mockups 3 for Desktop? The links I gave above are for the current documentation for Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop. The ideas here are the same but the Mockups 3 docs don’t allow me to deep link to specific sections. If you need the Mockups 3-specific help doc, you can find it here: Mockups 3 for Desktop Documentation

Thanks! And I appreciate the promptness as well.

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Balsamic Desktop v3.5.17.

Not quite enough.

If I have a TextArea inside a TextArea. How do I center the inner text area in the outer one. The guides do not appear and the PI and CM do not have centering options.



Hi @achalk

Sorry this is dragging out a little - let’s work out what’s going on.

I did a quick test of this on Mockups 3 v.3.5.17 on Windows 10 and it does appear to be working correctly. Here is what I see when I add two Text Area controls to the canvas and try to align them simply using the Smart Guides:


Can you describe what you’re seeing and how it’s different (if you have a way to record your screen that would be great).

I also tried selecting both controls and using the Align Center button in the Property Inspector:


And that seems to be working fine too:


We can always consider setting up a screen-sharing session where I can ‘remote-in’ to your machine and walk through it. If we need to do that, just drop us a line at and we’ll get it scheduled.

Here is a screen shot.
The text should be centered in the left pane. The three panes are grouped.

Fixed. I saw how you brought up the alignment controls. Ungrouped my panes, selected the two I wanted and used the alignment controls.


Hi @achalk

You are a beat ahead of me. Nice work.

All the best and happy wireframing my friend!