How do I jump from one project to another?

Now with the new redesign I can’t find how to jump from one project to another. It used to be easy when I am on project A to jump to project B. The redesign makes me dizzy, it’s disorienting and scattered.

Hi @TanyaG

Thanks for the post and sorry this is a little confusing. The initial feedback has been very positive for the UI update but we get that, if you’re used to the previous UI, there will be a little relearning. We hope that, soon, you’ll feel the benefits of the new design are very much worth it.

You can always get back to your main Space page via the Smiley Menu in the Top Bar:

The last item on the Smiley Menu allows you to exit to your main Space page where you can click any other project:

To try to help a little with the transition to the new UI, we wrote up a blog post that you may find helpful: Dev Update for Summer 2023

Ahh, Ok, I saw that I can exit, but there is no way to switch projects looks like. That is sad because I jump between projects a lot, and this adds an extra click for me - a click to exit and a click to pick another project. Thanks!

Hey @TanyaG

No problem but your first message has me wondering… In the previous version of the UI, there was no way while editing one project to jump to another project without exiting back to the Space page so, while the menu item has moved, the number of clicks remains the same.

Any other issues or questions, we’re here.

Hm… I might be wrong, but wasn’t there something in the old Project menu that would allow you to jump? I don’t remember now :confused:

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If there was a ‘jump’ feature, I never found it. I always had to resort to “pogo-sticking” up to the main page and back down into another project.
I too experienced a short period of “wait – where did that go?” Took me a few minutes to find what Alastair describes above, which I now use routinely (I’ve got quite a few projects, too). Also needed to realize that several of the icons that used to be horizontal on the right side are now vertical down the right side (like entering presentation mode).

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Aaaah - my sincere apologies for mis-spelling of Alasdair!

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Hi @Steven_Swinkels

Definitely not a problem. By way of background, Alasdair is the peculiarly Scottish spelling of Alistair (I grew up in Edinburgh before moving first to London then the USA.).

It’s an odd spelling, for sure, but I love it!

Fully understand. I’ve seen “Swinkels” butchered many ways, but in parts of Holland it’s as common as “Smith”.

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