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How do i merge 2 file


Hi Guys,

I’m currently looking for the way to merge 2 project into 1 file.

For example me and my friends did 1 project and we had separated part of project into 2 part (half/half) like 1 person can’t handle the work so we decided to split project task into 2 part. after we finished the tasks, we want to merge 2 file (half/half) to getting 1 file (full). how does Balsamiq merge the files. thanks


Hi @kenpongchrist and thanks for getting in touch about this.

The easiest way to move mockups from one project to another is to simply drag them, as detailed here.

You can start by selecting multiple mockups (SHIFT+click or CTRL+click/CMD+click) and then drag them to your other project, as shown below:

Hope this helps! Anything else, we’re here. :slight_smile:


Hi @Virgin Thanks for your information,

I’ve some hesitate about Merge Symbol file too.
I must export symbol that i made and import to the main file (that my friend did)
before merge 2 file right? because I’ve found this problem before “Symbol not found”.

Sorry for my language problem,
Thank you.


Hi @kenpongchrist,

Moving a mockup from one project to another should bring the symbol too, but you can indeed move a symbol by drag and dropping it too if needed.

Is sounds like you may have run into this “Symbol not found” error because the same symbol was different from one project to another. You should be able to quickly correct this by transforming the Symbol and select the correct instance instead.

We’ll be here if you need anything else.