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How do I name (and organise) the different mockups (pages) within a project


Hi, I know that this is very simple and the answer will be somewhere obvious oncex pointed out, but I’ve spent the best part of half an hour looking (yes, it’s hard being me!)… a quick point to how would be appreciated!



Hi @MePT!

Take a quick look at the Mockups Application Overview document here:

There’s a bunch of information in there to help you navigate the application!

Here’s a few quick tips:

  • The best way to organize your mockups is by first switching to “Grid
    View”, click the button shown in the image below.

  • Within grid view you will be able to see all your mockups, to rename a mockup simply “Right Click” a mockup and select “Rename”.

  • You can change the order of your mockups by “click” dragging and dropping them in your desired location.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions! :smile:


Ah, great. Grid View looks like just what I’ve been missing!


Thanks @keith for beating us to the answer!

@MePT Additionally, you can also rename in the project browser (left sidebar) by double clicking the mockup name or using the drop down arrow next to the mockup names. Drag and drop to re-order your mockups.