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How do I rotate a text input field?


Hi! I’m new to both this forum and Balsamiq, so I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but I’ve been trying and googling in vain and I’m hoping I might get some help here. So basically, all I want to do is rotate a text input field 90 degrees. That’s all. So far I’ve worked around the problem by writing whatever I wanted into the boxes, taking a screengrab of them, then rotating the image of the screengrab, but it seems to be that there should be a simpler solution.

Hope you can help!


Hi @daniehas,

Thanks for reaching out today! :smile:

The simplest way to rotate a text element is to use the “label” control and define the rotation from the property inspector.

And if you need to add a border to it, you could use the “text area” control, put it backwards, resize it and even group it with the “label” ( so you can move them together.

Please let us know if you need any further information @daniehas, we are here to help!


Thanks a bunch for making my life easier!


Glad to hear this works for you @daniehas! :smile:

One last thing: may I ask why do you need a vertical text input field? Maybe for a specific use? We’d like to know if there’s something we can improve there.



What i needed was actually a label with a box around it, but I was a little too stupid to think of doing that myself :stuck_out_tongue: In my ignorance I simply chose a text field to fulfil this purpose


Hi there - Is the orientation only available in the pro version? Its not available to me in the property inspector for a label. But neither is ‘state’ so maybe the functionality has moved around?



What version do you use?

In Balsamiq for Desktop (Windows) this works fine and afaik there is no difference between trial and “pro” version (except the limited time for trial use).


Hi @Anna_Browne and sorry for the confusion.

This option is available in all our different products, even while using the trial period.

Could it be that the Project Info panel is enabled, instead of the Property Inspector?
Let’s try to press CTRL/CMD + ; to make it appear again.

Please let us know if the issue persists and we’ll dig deeper!


Hmmm, I may have the wrong product. I am using Mockplus, the UI looks very similar, but not the same as balsamiq. Apologies


rotating labels seems to be a reason to switch :stuck_out_tongue:


You might be right!


I should receive commissions :wink:

Someone I know also uses mockplus, imho you should really think about your needs before switching to Balsamiq.
Mockplus has more possibilities regarding animation and most important: layer based interactions.

Balsamiq has page based interactions, see also


I had a really hard time with the text area concept that @Virgin described I ended up using the Rectangle container and then sticking my rotated label (which was super helpful) inside. I just wish I could have rotated the Text input box the same way you did with the label component.