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How do we edit the buttons on the toolbar control?


Just installed BM3, and am trying to create a mockup of a window with a toolbar.

I added a toolbar to the window, and this came with some standard buttons, such as B I U S etc, like on a text editor.

How do I change the buttons? The toolbar I’m mocking doesn’t have these buttons. I’d also like to be able to mock buttons with icons and text, not just an icon. How do I do that?



Hi Yossu, I think you need to create your own “toolbar”. Just add some buttons (there you can also add an Icon AND text). To add an icon have a look at the properties and to add text just hit ENTER when the button is selected and start writing. If you group your buttons together you can also convert this group to a symbol and reuse it on every mockup/wireframe in your project.


Hi @Yossu,

@heringsfilet’s suggestion is indeed what we would recommend for your need, since the default Toolbar control is meant to be a placeholder.

The easiest way might be to add a Shape control and select the rectangle shape. Then you can easily overlay it with any desired UI controls (including Icon and Label ones).

Then, turning the selection into a Symbol will allow you to easily move and re-use it in different wireframes if needed.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


OK, thanks to both of you.

Just as a suggestion, maybe you could think about allowing us to customise the toolbar control? For example, if we could add and remove buttons, and choose an icon for each, it would save a huge amount of time for something which (in my case at least) was really an incidental to the main mockup.

Given that you have all those icons in already, I would have thought this wouldn’t be such a challenge.

Thanks again to both of you.