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How do we edit the label for an "icon and label"?


This is likely a very simple answer, but I just can’t see it… Here’s my screen:

I’ve selected and icon + label component (I’m working off of a template), but I can’t find anywhere to modify the text. How do we do this?


Hi there

Thank for the post!

You can edit the text for the “Icon and Label” control by selecting it and pressing ‘Enter/Return’ - a pop-out editor will appear:


You can also change the icon by selecting the control and double-clicking it to bring up the icon library.

If you hover your mouse over the control for a couple of seconds, you’ll get a tooltip reminder.

Get back to me with any other issues, ok?

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Ah, got it! I knew about double clicking, but I didn’t know about hitting ‘enter’. Thanks for the tip!


You are very welcome. Enjoy Cloud and get back to us if you have any other questions.