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How do you present your notes along with mockup


Do you know how the notes were created in this sample mockup (see below)? Were the notes created in another tool?

How do you show your notes along with mockup? Do you create a PDF or document?


I guess those comments are just rectangles and text “treated as markup”, maybe this will help you:

I prefer providing a PDF with comments for further understanding, but you can also toggle the presentation mode to include markup.


Hi @nilanjan and thanks for reaching out!

As I mentioned in my comment there, you can easily create these notes by using a Shape control with the following properties:

  • Rounded Rectangle shape
  • Background color is the first Yellow (yellow (ffff00))
  • Opacity 50% if needed

Then you can add a Text control, group them together and duplicate as needed.

As @heringsfilet mentioned, you can then decide to show them or not using the Markup feature and export the project to PDF.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: