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How to add a tooltip to a button


Hi guys!

I’m trying to add a tooltip to a question-mark button. I want it to be hidden unless the mouse is over that button.

I know it’s a newbie question but frankly I’m not able to achieve that behavior.

Could you please help me?

Thanks in advance!



Hi @FabGuada

Thanks for the post. This is a great question.

We don’t have a specific feature in the app. which does what you need. This goes back to the fundamental concept of Balsamiq being a low-fidelity wireframing tool rather than a prototyping tool. For some background, see:

But you can still (almost) achieve the effect you are looking for using markup. See: Making Items Markup and Non-Markup

I say almost because the control is toggle via the ‘Show Markup/Hide Markup’ button rather than by a mouse-over. Do you want to check that out and get back to me with any questions?