How to adjust background grid color for layout


This might seem like a minor thing, but the grid in the background of the design areas is so faint I can barely see it. And when the sun is shining into my office I can’t see it at all. Is it possible for a user to adjust the color of that layout grid, as in make it darker or lighter??? If not, could you add that capability please?


Hey @pshaffer

While you cannot change the color of the border, you can change the color of the cells.

Does that help with readability in your situation?


Sorry, you’re talking about something different than I am. See image below…
Those terribly faint gridlines you see in the background? I would like to see them a little easier too.


Oh, that grid :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, Phillip, I totally missed that.

There isn’t a way to adjust that grid’s color; I’m sorry about that. I will talk to the team about it!

I’m sorry that I missed that the first time, Phillip.


Hi @Brendan
I’ve run into situations where I want to use gray color gridlines so the data pops out more in grids.
Have you had this request before? Please let me know if I should start a separate thread on this topic/request


Hi @Aras_Kannu,

Just added your vote for the ability to change the border color of the Data Grid control.

Here’s a quick workaround for now: you can disable the border and vertical lines of the Data Grid and replace them with transparent rectangle controls, as shown below. You can then group the controls together to make the selection easier to move, and even make a Symbol out of it.

Hope this helps!