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How to align tabs as per requirement

Hello Team,
I am bit new to balsamiq and apologies if this is very basic question I am asking.

I want to use a tab bar, but not fine with its alignment. I want something like this -

In the sense, tabs are spanning entire bar, however, all I am able to achieve is like this -

where tabs are not covering entire bar space.

Am i missing something or this is how, it will be.

Thanks in advance

Hi @bhushan,
You cannot do it with Tabs control, use Button bar instead. Button bar is a responsive control in terms of width, see the image below:

Pro tip: you can easily convert Tabs into Button bar with Transform to… tool. Just select Tabs and press CTRL + T, then pick Button bar from the list

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Thanks a lot Alexey. Yes I am using this workaround for now.