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How to change the height of H Rule?


I tried changing the height within the properties of H Rule, but after i do it, it gets reset back to the default height. Is it not possible to change the height of an H Rule?



I don’t think you are able to change it. Furthermore there is a minimum of 10px, so you can’t draw for example a rectangle which has a height lower than 10px.


Hi @mmesarina,

As mentioned by @heringsfilet, it is currently not possible to modify the height of the H.Rule control.

Could you please explain for which use you may need to modify this?

I’d like to know if we can figure out something that can help! :wink:


I have the same issue.
The example I have is a stacked “bar” within a calendar day showing which time windows are open or booked. So you can imagine a small day view showing bars of “red” showing a block of time (2 hours) which is booked. This is not the actual UI, but conceptually a rule has no width, and the boxes can’t be smaller than 10 pixels. I needed to play with 5 or 7.


Thanks for the example, Richard. Resizing controls to less than 10px is something that we are talking about, and stuff like this helps with context. :slight_smile:


Thanks here is a visual…
Here is the best I could do with 10 pixels…
Maybe I wanted little “dots”, again icons only go to 16…

This is similar to what Apple has in calendar showing a dot to represent “I have something” on that day.