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How to Create symbol library in Balsamiq Cloud

Hi everyone,

I would like to create a new symbol library in Balsamiq cloud, Can you please help me, how to create new symbol library and how to add symbols to that library?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @ColruytTeam and thanks for joining our forums! :slight_smile:

The way to create a new Symbol Library is detailed on this page.

Once you have your Symbol Library, you can easily add a symbol by pressing the dedicated icon in the Navigator:


You can also create Symbols in the Wireframes View.

Hope this helps! Any questions, we’re here.

Hello Virgin,

Thank you for your warm welcome.
From the document, I tried to follow but I am unable to see those icons in my Balsamiq cloud version. Can you please confirm that, the given document screenshots are taken from cloud version or desktop version ?

I am unable to find the “+” icon under my symbol library, Please check the image

Thanks in advance!

Hey @ColruytTeam. Sorry about that, we thought you were using Balsamiq Cloud.

In myBalsamiq, you can create a new symbol library from the Project menu.


Let me know if that helps!

Hello Brendan,

Thank you for your help.
I also forget to mention that, I have already created symbol library and I am able to upload the image but I am unable create/placed in a structured format. For example under the symbol library, I want to create navigation structure to separate tabs like buttons, Popup window, input box, etc…
Can please help me, how can we create this structure in the cloud version.

Thanks in advance!

Ahh ok, @ColruytTeam.

Can you give me an example for what you’re trying to create? It sounds like it may be something a bit more interactive than what we offer, but I want to be sure.

Is there a real-world example of the navigation you’re trying to create?

Hello @Brendan,
Sorry for the late reply.
@virgin already gave the right answer, I want to create symbol library in the Balsamiq cloud same as
on this page
But I am unable to find out below options/window in the Balsamiq cloud.

Thank you!

I answered this in a private exchange but also posting here in case anybody else needs this.

To create a Symbol Library, you can either create a symbol (which will automatically create a library) or select Project > New Symbol Library from the menu:

Apologies if you’re having trouble finding help docs for myBalsamiq - they’re no longer hosted on the regular help site but you can find them here: myBalsamiq Help

I hope that’s clear? Get back to us of you have any other questions, ok?

Hello @Alasdair, @Virgin, @Brendan,

Thank you so much for your help.
There is a small confusion between myBalsamic and balsamiq cloud. Now I came to know that, myBalsamiq will not support to create our customized symbol structure same as existing UI symbols like

in myBalsamiq tool, for customized symbols only possibilities are using project or site assets with only image format.