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How to display multiple wireframes on one screen for markup?


I’m trying to find a way to display all of my wireframes on one page so that I can draw arrows and make comments regarding conditional options (using markup tools). I found the thumbnail view but there’s no way to add markups in it. How can I show all my wireframes on one page? If that’s not possible, can I create one super large page and copy+paste all my wireframes in to it?


Hi @darins,

Thanks for the post! We don’t have a view which contains all your individual wireframes that can be edited like a single wireframe but, if you’re looking to define flow, you could export individual wireframes to PNG then add those to an ‘overview’ wireframe before adding your arrows and comments.

It might look something like this:

Would that work for you?


Hi @alasdair, If I export the individual wireframes to PNG and add them to an “overview” wireframe, can I make that wireframe super large somehow? Some of my individual wireframes, such as those with accordions, take up nearly the whole page as-is.


Hi @darins

One of the improvements we made in Cloud (over Mockups 3 for Desktop) was a larger canvas - we increased it in size - by about 500% - to 10000px *10000px. That is the maximum size for any wireframe in Cloud.

But, given you’re just looking for an overview, you could hopefully stand to make the wireframe thumbnails smaller on the overview than full size? In the example image I posted, I shrank the exported PNGs to about one-third size. With some judicious sizing - and use of zoom - you could fit many wireframe thumbnails onto a single page:

My concern is that it might start to get a little unwieldy and inconvenient to have to zoom in and zoom out constantly. It’s a bit of a workaround at best because we don’t have a built-in ‘overview’ feature, I am afraid.