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How to get line breaks in mockup notes?


I adding notes to my mockups so it has a nice story view, but I cannot figure out the formating to get line breaks

All lines run together until I create a list which starts on a new line.


Hey @timwise,

Normally, \r would give you a line break, but it’s not working in Mockups notes on myBalsamiq for whatever reason.

Let me check with the team to see if this is intentional or not. It’s possible that we had to disable that line break parsing for security reasons. I will let you know what I find out!


Thanks, @Brendan.

Besides lists, does any other formating create newlines?


I just heard back from the dev team, @timwise. This is a bug. \r should give you a new line, but it’s not being parsed correctly. Unfortunately, that is the only way to get a new line without a list. I’m sorry about that. :frowning:

We will get it fixed! Thanks for bringing it to our attention :slight_smile:


Did this ever get fixed?


I don’t think we were able to come to a resolution for this without compromising security in some way.

It will be fixed in Balsamiq Cloud; I can promise you that. I will double check to see if there is anything we can do in myBalsamiq.

Sorry for the hassle!